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After Lock Down Press Check List


We understood that due to COVID-19 Pandemic, businesses around the world are forced to shutdown temporarily.

Considering that after a long period of shutdown, re-operating the machine under unknown conditions may cause unexpected failures, we hereby refer to the following precautions:

1. Carefully check the surrounding environment to ensure that the machine is in a normal and safe condition.
2. Allow sufficient circulation lubrication time
3. Visually inspect whether the oil and grease are hardened
4. Is there any rust caused by no oil issue?
5. Check the battery condition of each power supply device (battery depletion could be expected)
6. To back up Important programs/data in USB in advance
7. Carefully check the position of the machine body, feeder, TF device and other equipment before the action.

A list of potential Malfunction issues and its appropriate solution is enclosed. In case you have encountered any other issues, please contact us immediately at

AIDA is always here for you.